SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Extra #X06: Lisa's Omelet
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Smile Game Builder Tutorials Extra #X06: Lisa’s Omelet

Following from the previous video, Lisa’s Eggs, Lisa wants you to create an omelette before she will join. This is the last Tutorials Extra in the Characters & Members series for awhile.

Video Tutorial

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Starborn: The Fallen – House Building Demo – SMILE GAME BUILDER

This is a short demo of a feature in my game Starborn: The Fallen for SMILE GAME BUILDER.

Demo Video

This video showcases the different phases for building the house. The building time is sped up for the purposes of the video.

Basic Concept

The basic idea behind the house-building is to gather materials to build a house in the same style as many other building games. It’s part of a larger, more comprehensive crafting system, where you gather materials to build houses, craft potions, upgrade weapons and armor, and so on.

Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Assets Showcase
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New Models: Various Ores

These are some ore models I’ve been working on for Smile Game Builder, designed for use in my new crafting system, which are also part of the Hi-Tex Packs as well.

Hi-Tex Pack Showcase - Ores
Hi-Tex Pack Showcase – Ores

The next modeling project I’d like to work on is a variety of rocks, so that’s where I’ll shift the modeling over the next few weeks.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 033: Advanced Crafting (Cooking)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #33: Advanced Crafting (Cooking)

This week’s tutorial revisits the previous Cooking Tutorial (#24), adding a Cooking Level and Cooking XP.

This system is flexible so that it can be adapted for other crafting areas (or other systems) as well.

Video Tutorial

Next Tutorials

I’ll continue with the Crafting System for a while, unless inspiration dictates otherwise, so next week’s will likely either be mining or fishing.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 025: Basic Crafting System (Mining)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #25: Basic Crafting System (Mining)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is a continuation of last week’s a href=”” title=”Tutorial 24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking) | Smile Game Builder”>Basic Crafting System (Cooking), this time focusing on Mining.

Tutorial Video

This is a complete setup with a Mine (for ores) and a Smelter (for ingots) for you to craft weapons, armor or tools. You can then use the Cooking template to create your own items.

Although I’ll revisit this much later to include some more "advanced" techniques for mining ores – things like timers to refresh ores, pickaxes breaking and random gems – I’m leaving the crafting system for awhile.

Jackson Meira’s Resources

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s House Building Pack, which I used for the Smelter. Be sure to visit his sites and give him some support, as he mostly creates his resources for free.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 024: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking)

In this tutorial, I’m setting up a basic crafting system, specifically for cooking, using eggs and lemon balm as the ingredients. You need to have a recipe book before you can make anything and, with the correct ingredients, you can create a fried egg, an omelette (I spelled it incorrectly in the tutorial) and a healing potion.

Tutorial Video

Crafting System Expansion

This is part of a larger system that includes mining, fishing and general crafting. And it’s something that can be greatly expanded as time goes on.

I’ll revisit this some time in the future.


Incidentally, I used the table – a "magic table" – for cooking because the stove (where you normally cook things!) is being used for another part of this tutorial, an expansion of this Cooking system.