SGB Animation Experiment 2 (Door)
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Smile Game Builder Animated Graphics Sequence Experiment #2

This is another experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder, this time with a door.

This uses 30 frames, which is a bit too much, so ideally in between 8 and 12 frames is sufficient.

Smile Game Builder Animation Experiments
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Smile Game Builder Animation Experiment

This is an experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder. This is only an 8-frame sequence but it runs really smoothly. I’m quite pleased with the result!

I got the fire GIF from somewhere online (can’t remember where exactly) and the fire sound effect is from

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 021: Cut Scenes
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #21:
Cut Scenes

This tutorial’s focus is on cut scenes and how to create an effective method to use them.

The idea is to show how to set up a basic cross-map cut scene, where a knock on the door results in a message from the Temple, ultimately setting the scene for the main storyline.

It’s easy to configure the sequence of events using a single variable – not multiple switches – and activate them in order. Continue reading “Smile Game Builder Tutorial #21:
Cut Scenes”