Skyrim Styled Books - Events Test
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Skyrim Styled Book Reading Experiment

This is just a short post to show an experimental technique I’ve been working on, a Skyrim styled book-reading routine I recently put on Facebook.

The idea is to flip through the pages using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to read the book’s contents, and then close the book with the CANCEL key.

There are two styles you can use:

  • Single Book – Read a single book and flip through its pages.
  • Multiple Books – Select the book you want to read and cycle through the pages of each.

The tutorial for this will be uploaded some time this month!

Smile Game Builder Animation Experiments
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Smile Game Builder Animation Experiment

This is an experiment with animated graphics sequencing in Smile Game Builder. This is only an 8-frame sequence but it runs really smoothly. I’m quite pleased with the result!

I got the fire GIF from somewhere online (can’t remember where exactly) and the fire sound effect is from

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 020: Tips & Tricks (Part 2)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #20:
Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

In this tutorial, I share some more tips and tricks for Smile Game Builder. These are things to enhance or build your game or things that don’t really fit larger tutorials and FAQs. Continue reading “Smile Game Builder Tutorial #20:
Tips & Tricks (Part 2)”