This is a fabulous example of what can be achieved in SMILE GAME BUILDER if you put your mind to it. 前にスマイルゲームビルダーで射撃イベント作ったなぁ出来る事が少ない分、創意工夫で色んなものに挑戦するのは楽しかったTranslated: I made a shooting event with Smile Game Builder before, so it was fun to try various things with ingenuity because there are few things I can do.#SMILEGAMEBUILDER […]

Some more Smile Game Builder furniture assets: a small table and chairs. I also have a functional template for filling the bookcases modularly with books and objects, which are stackable. They’re unavailable and may be game-exclusive, but I may release it as part of another models House Pack later. More […]