SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorial #68: Message Control Characters (Part 1)
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Message Control Characters (Part 1)

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorial #68:Message Control Characters (Part 1) is uploaded to YouTube. It goes through using the control characters from page 110 of the manual to insert variable and string values in messages.

Message Control Characters (Part 1) Video Tutorial

Message Control Characters (Part 2)

The next part will cover more control characters, this time messages and text decoration from page 116 of the manual.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 035: Customizing Graphics - "Hidden" System
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #35: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial, #35: Customizing Graphics ("Hidden" System), delves into customizing graphics, specifically some of the "hidden" graphics, i.e., those not directly importable via Add Assets. They are the Game Over image, equipment items (status screen) and message wait cursor (animated).

Video Tutorial


The music snippet featured in this video is one of my creations, Regrets, which was originally a game-exclusive melody for Otherworld (and it probably still is).