Smile Game Builder Tutorial 025: Basic Crafting System (Mining)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #25: Basic Crafting System (Mining)

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is a continuation of last week’s a href=”” title=”Tutorial 24: Basic Crafting System (Cooking) | Smile Game Builder”>Basic Crafting System (Cooking), this time focusing on Mining.

Tutorial Video

This is a complete setup with a Mine (for ores) and a Smelter (for ingots) for you to craft weapons, armor or tools. You can then use the Cooking template to create your own items.

Although I’ll revisit this much later to include some more "advanced" techniques for mining ores – things like timers to refresh ores, pickaxes breaking and random gems – I’m leaving the crafting system for awhile.

Jackson Meira’s Resources

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s House Building Pack, which I used for the Smelter. Be sure to visit his sites and give him some support, as he mostly creates his resources for free.