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Smile Game Builder – Object Collisions |
Mottzy Minutes #1

SMILE GAME BUILDER entusiast and SGB Discord member Mottzy has created a blog entitled Mottzy Makes. It has some interesting articles already and, no doubt, more will follow.

Object Collisions Video Tutorial

In fact, he’s started a short video tutorials series called Mottzy Minutes on YouTube.

This first video is about how to make object collisions with moving objects in SGB. This assumes a need for custom movement patterns, and requires a bit more custom code to make work.

In the video, he shows how to set up an event (a bat in this case) that moves left and right and when it collides with the player or the player collides with it, the message "You died!" appears. It’s very simple but can be expanded accordingly.

Be sure to check his blog and YouTube channel for more related content.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 039: Tips & Tricks (Part 5)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #39: Tips and Tricks (Part 5)

This week’s Smile Game Builder video tutorial is another "tips & tricks" video, where I’ve answered some of the how-to questions my commenters have asked.

Tutorial Video

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

Use Mobile Devices as Gamepads

I also mentioned in the video about Monect, an excellent, easy-to-use program to enable using your mobile device as a gamepad for playing Smile Game Builder games.

Of all the various apps I tested, this is by far the best one as far as ease of use and versatility is concerned, and it’s easy to set up as well if you follow their instructions.

SGB Tutorial #23 - Tips & Tricks - Part 3
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #23 Deferred Until Tuesday

This week’s tutorial, #18: Tips & Tricks (Part 3) has been uploaded but release is deferred until Tuesday. This is only because of my work schedule. I had an extra shift, which threw me off slightly as far as time management.

Included in this tutorial is a simple barrel pushing puzzle and climbing up and down ladders more realistically.

It’s frustrating working nights, but it pays the bills. I’d like to be in a position to focus more on the game development, notably with Smile Game Builder and RPG Maker.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 017: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #17: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

This short tutorial, the first in a series, is dedicated to small tips and tricks to enhance or build your game, things that don’t really fit larger tutorials and FAQs. Continue reading “Smile Game Builder Tutorial #17: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)”