Update: What's Been Going On
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Update: What’s Been Going On?

This is a small update video on what I’ve been doing and what’s being planned regarding SMILE GAME BUILDER for anyone who is interested.

This is a short update video. The theme of update videos might be a more regular feature, not just for SGB, but RPG Maker MV as well.

Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Assets Models
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Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1
Withdrawal and Revision

The House Pack Vol. 1 for SMILE GAME BUILDER has been withdrawn. I’m in the process of revising this entire pack and its contents, and separating it into different categories:

  • House Wall Terrains Pack (including Lintels)
  • Furniture Pack (chairs, tables and bookcases, including modular decorations)
  • Pictures Pack (various pictures and frames)

Individual packs and the bundle pack will be available on Itch.io and the online store, as well as other places.

These will be bundled into the newly revised House Pack Vol. 1 and, as a thank you, anyone who already purchased the asset pack will receive the bundle for free.

Note: I’m still not sure that I trust Itch enough to sell through them, but we shall see what happens.

SGB Discord Promotion
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What Happened to the SGB Discord Channel?

A few days ago, we all woke up to discover that the SMILE GAME BUILDER Discord Channel we all enjoyed so much, and which we all worked so hard to develop, was "missing". It had vanished from the Discord app, along with all of its content, as though it had never been.

Smile Game Builder Channel Discord Error

Oh noes! It seems this Discord Server is not setup correctly
or we are having issues fetching data!

The error message received when clicking on the invite link.

If I’m honest, I’ve been avoiding writing this post while I’ve dealt with a cocktail of emotional responses, from bewilderment to shock to despondency to blunt anger. I didn’t want to write anything without some facts first and certainly without being influenced by emotional bias.

What Happened?

After providing as much detail as possible, including the invite link, to Discord, and after further digging around, Discord’s conclusion was:

We’ve checked that invite link in our system, and it looks like that server does not exist in our system or has been deleted.

I also spoke to the "owner" and, after a discussion with him (without going into too many details for privacy), the channel was compromised and it’s now GONE.

He has expressed his dismay over the situation, but what happened was unfortunately beyond his control. So he will be taking the time to sort things out in his life first before returning. I wish him well and look forward to when he can rejoin us!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here?

The answer is simple: Where buildings and empires fall, we rebuild. And we rebuild stronger than before, aware of what happened in the past so we don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future! And that is what I’m focusing on.

I’m in the process of creating a brand new SMILE GAME BUILDER Discord server, which will be endorsed by SmileBoom and eventually may become properly "verified" as the official SGB Discord server. I don’t know yet. It all depends on a number of factors.

In the next day or so, it should be ready. Both SmileBoom and I will spread the word as soon as it’s set up!

Thank you for your patience and support! And be assured with the knowledge that the phoenix is rising out of the ashes, reborn and renewed, and ready for the future!

Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Assets Models
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Quick Hi-Tex Packs Update

As it stands right now, the current totals in my SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex assets range stands at:

  • 137 Ground Terrains, including variations.
  • 284 House Wall Terrains (Stucco, Red Brick, Orange Brick and Stone).
  • 3 Lintel Models, based on the House Wall Terrains.
  • 42 Chair Normal and Cushioned Models (Mahogany, Oak and Pine).
  • 3 Square Table Models (Mahogany, Oak and Pine).

During August, I will continue working on them, tweaking and improving them, before final release some time in September. And I’ll be adding more before release.

As I mentioned before, those who already purchased the House Pack Vol. 1 will receive the new house wall terrains and models for free as a thank you!

SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex House Pack - Furniture - Chairs
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SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex House Pack – Furniture: Chairs

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex House Pack – Furniture: Chairs is in development. Textures from left to right are: Mahogany, Oak and Pine.

For each type, there will be 5 variations: Normal, Overturned (Backwards), Overturned (Forwards), and Ruined. And 5 cushioned versions as well.

SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex House Pack - Furniture - Chairs
SMILE GAME BUILDER Hi-Tex House Pack – Furniture – Chairs

I have no release date set yet. They will go on my online store. (If the problems at Itch can be resolved, there too.)

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Online Store Starting This Week

This coming week, I’m starting work on RPG Maker Times’s online store. It will contain:

  • SMILE GAME BUILDER assets and asset packs (including the House Pack) and additional materials I create.
  • RPG Maker MV plugin commercial licenses.
  • Our new and upcoming range of merchandise.
  • The services we provide, including proof-reading.

Hopefully this should be painless, although in my experience it’s not that simple. It might take awhile to fully implement!

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 53 - Let's Party
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Tutorial #53: Let’s Party! On Schedule

This week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is on schedule for tomorrow (in its usual Sunday/Monday slot). However, my planned topic has changed.

I’m also making a few changes to the way I deliver videos. Dailymotion is no longer viable option for videos; output is limited to 360p, which renders tutorial videos in particular useless. (If it was in my budget to "upgrade" I might consider that for resolutions up to 1080p max, but most likely not even then. I may just inactivate my account there now.)

The more viable alternative is DTube. This is something I’m seriously looking into, although I’m still holding back on committing to it. This is for no other reason than I’m studying it very closely and considering what kind of content would be most suitable, whether the Smile Game Builder and RPG Maker tutorials/videos would be suitable there, and whether post-livestreaming videos would also be an option.

I’d like to continue providing regular quality videos (tutorials and showcases) for both SGB and RMMV on platforms that don’t limit creativity or false-flag videos for content. And at the same time give higher-resolutions suitable for most devices.

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Updates: Smile Game Builder v1.10.2 & Exporter for Unity v1.1.1


– We’ve fixed an error: the scrollbar in the event editor doesn’t display or work properly.
– We’ve added a feature: you can update your game file thumbnail on the top menu by right-clicking the preview screen of Edit Game Data > Title Screen.
– We’ve fixed an error: if you have changed DPI settings of Windows, the main window is disarranged when you export the preset materials.
– We’ve fixed an error: when you select “Choose from the Installed Font” in “In-Game Font Style”, playtests sometimes process very slow.
– We’ve fixed an error: when you move from a map to another without darken the screen, the player faces the south direction a moment.
– We’ve fixed an error: during a playtest in FPS mode, if there are events with a battle effect icon or an emotion icon, the mirrored icon has been displayed at the opposite direction.
– We’ve fixed an error: during a playtest in FPS mode, if you move the playtest window, the player cannot make turns properly.
– We’ve fixed an error: even in FPS mode, the mouse cursor will be displayed in the title screen.
– We’ve fixed an error: even in FPS mode, the mouse cursor will be displayed during battles.
– We’ve fixed an error: if a monster’s resistance was set to “Heal” and a critical attack was performed by a party member, the monster gets the damage from it.
– We’ve fixed an error: cross map objects overhead if ‘Allow Underpass’ (in Add Assets) is set.
– We’ve fixed an error: when you use the renaming resource file name feature, it doesn’t rename the def file.
– We’ve fixed an error: some parts of stairs and slopes had a wrong passage determination.
– We’ve fixed an error: when you run a common event, Move to Another Location, from a map event, the rest of the events are not executed.
– We’ve fixed an error: you cannot select motions for 2D graphics on the event panel “Change Character Graphics”.

Exporter for Unity 5.6 V1.1.1

– We’ve fixed an error: when it’s dividing motions using def files, it doesn’t take into account its frame rate.
– We’ve fixed an error: when a character has multiple meshes, display and hidden didn’t work properly.
– We’ve fixed an error: when you play FPS mode on a smartphone, the player can only speak to events which are facing the north direction.
– We’ve fixed an error: the diagonal moves cannot be achieved on the Xbox game pad.
– We’ve fixed an error: motioned map objects only repeat one time.
– We’ve fixed a feature: when you build games for PC, the window can be switched to a full screen mode by pressing F4 or Alt+Enter.
– We’ve fixed an error: the drawing priorities of billboard characters were different from PC.
– We’ve fixed a feature: fogs can be achieved.
– We’ve fixed an error: characters that were made by 3D Character Editor don’t play their motions.
– We’ve fixed an error: some preset 3D materials don’t play their motions properly.
– We’ve fixed an error: the shake effect level was different from PC.
– We’ve fixed an error: after event battles, the event cannot move from its coordinates.
– We’ve fixed an error: after losing event battles, it sometimes crushes in the middle of the branch.
– We’ve fixed an error: if the names of maps contain “<” or “>”, sometimes it fails to create map folders for mesh and material.

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Another Update – Some Good News!

I’ve been going through my extensive "To Do List" and tackling one thing at a time, slowly but surely, starting with the more graphic heavy stuff. That is, now that I know exactly what my new computer is capable of!

There won’t be a tutorial this week, but starting next week the tutorials will resume as normal. And also next week (or the week after that) I’m going to start live-streaming. I’m moving more towards streaming Elder Scrolls Online and will also try some Smile Game Builder stuff.

To Do List Progress

For those who are interested, this is what I’ve crossed off the To Do List so far:

  • Hi-Tex House Terrain Pack

    The pack is almost finished. I’m doing some final tweaks and adjustments before its official release. There are 291 assets in this pack (69 Stucco Wall, 69 Stucco/Red Brick Wall, 69 Stucco/Orange Brick Wall and 69 Stone Wall terrains), 11 Floor terrains and 4 models (1 matching lintel model for above doors and 3 table variations).

  • Better Tutorials

    I’ve been working on revamping the format and layout of my tutorials (hence the delay), including some in-between movie sequences. This is taking the longest time, of course, but that part is almost finished. And you can see some of them in the next tutorial.

  • Testing Games & Assets

    I’ve received a lot of SGB games and assets over the past year. Unfortunately, because Dinosaur wasn’t quite capable, I wasn’t able to record and play at the same time. The new computer can do just that, so to start, these are the games I’ll be play-recording to begin with over the course of the next few months:

       » In Vitra (finally!)
       » I Am Here
       » A Healer Only Lives Twice (from the DLC).

Because I have Thursday through Sunday off, most activities will take place on these days. With the exception of Sunday’s regular tutorials, there probably won’t be a regular schedule for the other things, so I’ll keep you updated here.

Bear with me with the tutorials, they ARE resuming soon!!

Smile Game Builder Tutorials with Tryggr
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Quick Update on Tutorials

Here’s a quick update on the Smile Game Builder tutorials. I’m waiting for my new computer to arrive (scheduled for next week) before continuing with the tutorials. And then once the computer is here and set up, the tutorials are going to be restructured a bit.

Besides, I’ve been focused on the Hi-Tex Packs so that they can finally be released this month, starting with the House Terrain Pack. And talking of which, here’s what the pack contains so far:

  • Stucco Wall Terrain (69)
  • Stucco/Red Brick Wall Terrain (69)
  • Stucco/Orange Brick Wall Terrain (69)
  • Stone Wall Terrain (69)
  • Floorboard Terrain (5)
  • Lintel Model (1)

I’m doing some last minute testing and tweaking, so these may change before the final release.