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Ground Terrain #1 – Hi-Tex Terrain Pack for Smile Game Builder

Here’s a compilation showcase of the first complete part of the Smile Game Builder Hi-Tex Terrain Pack‘s ground tiles, complete with stairs and slopes. There are more, but they’ll be in separate showcases.

Ground 1 - Hi-Tex Terrain - Smile Game Builder
Ground 1 – Hi-Tex Terrain – Smile Game Builder


I’ve put them into several categories (which may still change):

  • Ground (GRO) – These are standard ground terrains, which usually comprise 4 variations (where appropriate): normal, short grass, long grass and cropped grass.

    Thus far, there are around 30-40 ground type terrains (including variations).

  • Caves (CAV) – There are two variations of caves for each terrain type: high and low.

    These are created for specific positioning and only work – and look right – for their intended purpose.

  • Walls (WAL) – These are specifically used for walls for buildings, but I’m sure they can be used for other things as well.

    I haven’t been focusing too much on the walls yet, although these are mostly "horror" themed terrains (originally intended for use in Otherworld SGB).

I’ll continue working on them, expanding the different terrain types, but probably won’t update here as often. Or at least until I have more substance.

The other terrain types I’ve started working on are ice and metal.


Because these do take some time to create, as I virtually create them from scratch (using certain textures as guides), the Hi-Tex Terrain pack will most likely not be free.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, they’ll be separately available either as a DLC through Steam or directly from the website. That’s the plan anyway.

House Builder Pack 6
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House Builder Assets Pack 6 for Smile Game Builder Released

My friend Jackson has released his new House Builder Pack for Smile Game Builder. It’s a modern style, but I’d recommend you try the others in his HBP series as well!

In fact, why not check out ALL of his assets and resource packs? They’re well-designed and fit snugly into your SGB games!

He creates these awesome models for free so, while you’re at it, please do show your support on his Patreon.

Hi-Tex Terrain Resource Pack 1 - Smile Game Builder
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Hi-Tex Terrain Resource Pack 1 – Smile Game Builder – Upcoming 2017

Work on my new Hi-Tex Terrain Resource Pack is underway. This has been something I wanted to do for awhile and now I’m comfortable enough to start work on the resource pack proper.

Hi-Tex Terrain Resource Pack 2 - Smile Game Builder
Hi-Tex Terrain Resource Pack 1 - Smile Game Builder
Smile Game Builder Assets: Dark Rock Terrain
Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Cave Entrance
Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Bloddied Cave Entrance
Smile Game Builder High Quality Assets: "Old Ruins" Stone Terrains
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There are currently 21 terrains in the pack under 4 main categories: Old Ruins, Wall, Ground, and Path (although these may change in time).

I have no release date (or pricing structure) in mind at the moment. However, I’d like to create a few more before deciding proper.

A Healer Only Lives Twice - Showcase
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“A Healer Only Lives Twice” Character Resource Pack – Showcase

A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack
A Healer Only Lives Twice
Character Resource Pack
The A Healer Only Lives Twice Character Resource Pack DLC for Smile Game Builder was released on 19 July 2017, based on the game Iron Will by Pon Pon Games.

The game won the Bitsummit Award in 2015, given to those stand-out games, and deservedly so! It’s a remarkable DLC with plenty unique animations and characters to use in your games.

Showcase Video

All in all, this Smile Game Builder DLC is quite remarkable, notably for its animated motions, which are uniquely customized. It comes with 95 models in total including its color variations. And there are a few other surprises in it too, which I’ll let you discover on your own.

I would highly recommend this for all Iron Will fans, and those who aren’t familiar with it as well.

Jacob's Monster Pack Vol. 1
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Jacob’s Monster Pack Volume 1 – Smile Game Builder Assets

Jacob has finally released his Monster Pack! Get the DLC on Steam. I can’t wait to get this and try it out. Payday isn’t that far away.

There are 10 different 3D monsters in total included in the package, with some models having several color options and sizes. Moreover, as a bonus model you will also receive the "Talking Tree"!

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Releasing My Customized Assets Soon!

Over the course of this month, I’ll be releasing some of the assets and resources I’ve created for Smile Game Builder on its official subsite.

I’ve showcased some of them already, some of which haven’t been seen by anyone yet. These will be divided into their proper categories, such as terrains, windows and title screens, in the SGB Assets tab.

I now have quite a number of them. Most of these will be free to download. However, some won’t be, as they’re part of a larger resource pack I’m creating for some time in the future. The premium assets will still be showcased on the site, but will only be downloadable after purchase as part of these packs.

SGB Tutorial #27 - Tips & Tricks - Part 4
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #27 – Tips & Tricks (Part 4)

In this tutorial for Smile Game Builder, I round up some of the requests and how-to’s I received. These are drawn from various sources (YouTube comments, Steam, Facebook and Messenger) and will continue being a theme for future Tips & Tricks tutorials.

Tutorial Video

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack, which is well worth purchasing and adding to your resources collection.

Corpse Party Resource Pack Release
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Smile Game Builder Corpse Party Resource Pack – Promotion Video

This is the promotional video I created for the Corpse Party Tenjin Primary School Resource Pack for Smile Game Builder, which was officially released on 28 February, 2017, along with the Music Box Japanese Horror DLC. Continue reading “Smile Game Builder Corpse Party Resource Pack – Promotion Video”

The Music Box Japanese Horror Bundle
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Smile Game Builder Music Box Japanese Horror Bundle Release

The Music Box Japanese Horror Complete Bundle DLC was release on 28 February, 2017, alongside the Smile Game Builder Corpse Party Resource Pack.

This excellent pack contains 114 files (22 for background music, 10 background sounds, 10 jingles and 72 sound effects). Each one encapsulates the emotions for creating a unique and dramatic feel to any horror-themed game.

I already have a few favorites: Past Memory, Recollection and Creeping Darkness. Which ones are your favorites?