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Smile Game Builder RETURNERS 2022 Game Jam

The Smile Game Builder RETURNERS 2022 Game Jam (hosted by AmalgamAsh) is now on! Get your creative juices flowing and participate!

Ash’s Promotional Video

Will Wulfy Join?

I stated after the previous game jams that I would neither host nor participate in any jams for awhile. Despite many requests – especially by Ash himself – for my participation in this game jam, my stance is this (quoted from the dedicated channel of the SGB Discord server):

I’m not guaranteeing, confirming or denying, or promising anything, but I do have an idea and IF I decide to continue with it, then this will be the game for the jam (but I’ll keep many of the details to myself for now).

The Untitleds - Title Logo
The Untitleds – Title Logo

That said, I’d be more interested in properly playing and testing – and this time video showcasing – all the game submissions instead.