Sci-Fi City Pack Smile Game Builder (Jackson Meira)
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Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi City Pack SMILE GAME BUILDER

Jackson Meira, who as many know is a prolific modeller for SMILE GAME BUILDER, has released the stunning Sci-Fi City Pack priced $50.

In a previous post, I announced that Assets Smile Game Builder (Jackson) decided to stop producing models. However, his recent return with this pack means that, with so few sci-fi assets for SGB, perhaps this will fill that void.


Sci-Fi City Pack SMILE GAME BUILDER by Jackson Meira
Sci-Fi City Pack SMILE GAME BUILDER by Jackson Meira
Sci-Fi City Pack SMILE GAME BUILDER by Jackson Meira
Sci-Fi City Pack SMILE GAME BUILDER by Jackson Meira


The pack is modular so that its pieces fit snugly together to create diverse maps and scenes. As with his Infinity Pack, the Sci-Fi City Pack will benefit from continuous updates (hence the price tag).

The first major update is sure to be focused on the indoor maps. I also intend to launch exclusive maps for sewers, underground stations, abandoned factories and more.

Some of the other features of the pack are:

  • 3D Floors, which allows overhead floors.
  • Neon Effects to add a typical sci-fi, Blade Runner style vibe to your games.
  • Lighting effects.

The coolest feature, in my opinion, however, is the electric fence:

Additionally, if used in combination with the previous Sci-FI Pack, some amazing maps could be created.

SGB Tutorial #27 - Tips & Tricks - Part 4
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #27 – Tips & Tricks (Part 4)

In this tutorial for Smile Game Builder, I round up some of the requests and how-to’s I received. These are drawn from various sources (YouTube comments, Steam, Facebook and Messenger) and will continue being a theme for future Tips & Tricks tutorials.

Tutorial Video

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack

Also mentioned in the video is Jackson Meira’s Sci-Fi Pack, which is well worth purchasing and adding to your resources collection.

SGB Assets - Thumbnail
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Smile Game Builder Assets Roundup (January 2017)

Now that Smile Game Builder has been out for a while, a number of modelers have been busy creating assets. I thought I’d showcase some of them, so here are a few of the more recent assets for January 2017:

House Builder PackChinese New Year PackComical Cowboy Pack

House Builder Pack

Jackson Meira is a talented modeler who has been producing some incredible free assets for SGB. One of these is the House Builder Pack, which enables to build your own stylized houses from precreated "template" models.

The pack contains three parts, each one jam-packed with models, which can be downloaded from his website. And check out his other models while you’re there. One of my favorites is the Balloon!

To keep up-to-date with Jackson’s works, including his upcoming SCI-FI Pack, you can subscribe to the Free Assets SGB page on Facebook.

Be sure to support him on his Patreon page as well. He creates these amazing models for free and, in my opinion, deserves some support for his dedication.

Chinese New Year Pack

Created by Cdaz, this free pack was created to celebrate the Chinese New Year and contains 8 Chinese dishes and 4 furniture models.

For more details, including the download link, visit its Steam page.

Comical Cowboy Pack

Also by Cdaz is this Western styled asset pack and it contains plenty of assets for you to use.

This pack contains:

  • 11 outdoor building assets
  • 8 interior furniture assets
  • 13 decoration assets
  • 3 doors assets
  • 3 Food & Drink assets
  • 9 Weapon assets

And that’s not all! To see exactly what this pack contains, visit its Steam page, where you can download it.