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How To Free Up 1000s of Switches in Your Smile Game Builder RPG Project!

AmalgamAsh brings us another very useful and unique video, this time on how to "recycle" switches (using string variables specifically) to save maxing regular switches.

Watch the Video

Expanding This Idea

Here’s an idea to expand string variables to toggle switches:

What about typing commands on a computer or console to open doors, etc.?

I already experimented with this idea, so maybe I can put it into video finally!

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 58: Tips & Tricks (Part 9)
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #58: Tips & Tricks (Part 9)

The SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorial 58: Tips & Tricks (Part 9) video is up. It includes animated terrains and console-like commands for effects, such as flash screen and shake screen.

Tutorial Video

Future Tutorials

The concept of console commands has inspired me and given ideas to expand the "console" for other things, which I’ll put in a future tutorial.

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 55: Beam Me Up, Scotty!
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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #55: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

This week’s Smile Game Builder Tutorial #55: Beam Me Up, Scotty! is uploaded. Enter passcodes to teleport to different maps via a teleporter or warp gate event. It’s a bit like the Teleport Mirrors in Might & Magic World of Xeen. Perfect for adding variety to your game!

Video Tutorial

Extended Version

There is no extended version of this tutorial, but check my social media – Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook – or this blog for updates.