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The Untitleds | Companion Wulf | RETURNERS 2022 Game Jam

This is a playthrough of my own game, The Untitleds, which was submitted to the Smile Game Builder RETURNERS 2022 Game Jam (hosted by AmalgamAsh). In the video, I added some personal commentary and a brief look at some of the upcoming and planned functions and features for the future.

The Untitleds Video Playthrough

Future Development

The Untitleds is the first, last and only game I will develop to completion in Smile Game Builder.

To quote AmalgamAsh’s review on

This is the CompanionWulf game I want to see developed and continued. This is the game with the systems that shall bear the most fruit, both for budding developers who need to understand how menu systems might be designed as well as experienced folks who haven’t wrapped their head around how to progress through the limitations.

And with that said, continuation on the game is assured. However, development may be very slow.

The menu system is challenging, notably with SGB’s current limitations and the way it processes events. And, with that said, this will be the focus until it’s fully functional.