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Market Pack Update to v1.2 Log #2

Market Pack Vol. 1 v1.2 — Release Date

Optimization on v1.2 of the Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 is nearing completion. I deferred its original November release because I’d like to make sure this pack is as optimized as possible, especially with expandability in mind (for future packs).

The purpose of this update – as mentioned in Log #1 – is to:

    • Optimize textures to fix any incongruities and make sure they’re less "rough around the edges".
    • Optimize and properly triangulate meshes (models) for better compatibility with Smile Game Builder, and possibly conversion to other engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine.
    • Ensure that its overall theme – a kind of medieval hybrid – is consistent throughout.

And with expandability in mind, I also restructured the models’ naming conventions. In addition, each type will have its own category:

  • Market Stalls – The main market stall components.
  • Market Items – Decorative models, such as barrels and crates.
  • Stall Contents – Items that fit into or on the market stalls’ counters.
  • Container Liquids – The liquids (water, wine, etc.) that fill the containers.

I know this’ll mess things up for those who have already purchased the pack and installed the models in SGB and I apologize! I decided to do it this way primarily to make it easier when it comes to add-ons and expansions. Everything is more organized and easier to pick and choose the models.

Market Pack Vol. 1 — Add-On

The Market Pack Vol. 1 — Add-On is designed to expand the Market Pack Vol. 1 with additional models and variations on existing models. I have no set release date yet, as I’m still working on it.

I’d like to continue adding to the market until it’s as comprehensive as possible. This will continue well into 2022 before I retire from SGB and move onto other things.

Market Pack Vol. 1 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Market Pack Update to v1.2 Log #1

Market Pack Vol. 1 – Update v1.2

The Market Pack Vol. 1 is receiving a major update. I decided to do this before expanding the series further.

The main goal of this update is to optimize the models and textures, especially with consistency and proper alignment in mind.

Update v1.2 Release Date

I have no set release date in mind, although I’d ideally like to finish this before the end of November.

Other Expansion Packs

For the following expansions, I’m aiming for a December/Xmas release:

  • Market Pack Vol. 1 Add-On (further expanding Vol. 1)
  • Signs Vol. 1 (attaching to the front of the market stalls)

Over time, I’ll also start creating some stall "clutter" for each type of merchant.

Tutorials Extra: The Explorer's Guild - SMILE GAME BUILDER New Series
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The Explorer’s Guild – SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Series

Welcome to The Explorer’s Guild

The Explorer’s Guild is a new series of tutorials for SMILE GAME BUILDER.

Throughout the series, we’ll create a system to include:

  • Guild Ranks
  • Jobs
  • Recruitment
  • Crafting
  • Battles
  • Skills
  • House Building
  • Bounty Hunting

And much more!

Eventually, it’ll be a complete, comprehensive and unique system for your games.

Tutorial Schedule

Tutorials in the series are scheduled for a weekly release, with each one following directly on from the previous one. The series is available on:

SubscribeStar Patrons

Monthly $10+ Tier patrons on my SubscribeStar will be able to watch the videos a week earlier than their public release dates.

In addition, any models I create for the series will be freely available for download.

Quietus v0.3.7 | SMILE GAME BUILDER
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Quietus: Psychobiography (A Look At v0.2) – AmalgamAsh’s Viewpoint

I’ve been working on a SMILE GAME BUILDER game, Quietus, on and off for some time. I gave Amalgamash permission to do "progressive updates" videos.

Quietus v0.2 Update Video

This video focuses mainly on the menu for v0.2 (although he erroneously titled it as v0.3).

There Are Bugs!

I’m aware of the bug where the map/character moves in the background with the menu. That has since been fixed.

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Odysee: New Video Platform for My Videos

I’m excited to announce my presence on Odysee to host my videos.

What Is Odysee?

Subscribe to My Odysee

You can subscribe to my Odysee to watch any videos and tutorials I create.

Odysee is a video hosting platform similar to YouTube and, perhaps, a viable alternative to YouTube.

In fact, it acts as a mirror for your YouTube account, but you can also upload your own videos. Additionally, you can create multiple channels more easily than YouTube instead of having one channel and several playlists.

That means that if anything happens to my YouTube Channel, there will be a backup available.

Plans for Odysee

I plan on still uploading to my YouTube account, which is syncronised with Odysee so new videos should also update there.

Additionally, I’m going to upload Odysee exclusive videos, including tutorials and game update videos, starting some time this month!

Smile Game Builder Games
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Update on the SGB Games I’m Working On

Some time ago, I conducted a poll on Facebook, on Twitter and in Discord on which game I should continue developing after the game jams they were created for.

What Were the Choices?

The choice was between:

The unanimous consensus across the board was "both". I had considered alternating development on the two games. However, it’s proving to be very time-consuming and difficult to achieve.

What Are the Plans Then?

I’m only going to focus on one, Otherworld: Through the Veil, therefore, because its entire storyline is already written and mapped out.

Both games will eventually also have their own official websites for updates.