Terms of Use

Unsure Which One to Use?

  • If you’re using the assets or resources in a free or freely distributed game, then the Non-Commercial Use applies.
  • If you’re using the assets or resources in games that can be purchased or which you’re making money from, the Commercial Use applies.

These Terms of Use outline the conditions for using the resources and assets on this site.

By using them in your projects, you agree to these terms. This applies to all resources and assets available for free download.

Some resources are not free, however, and will be part of a larger commercial package as and when they’re complete. These will have a separate Terms of Use alongside prices and payment information.

Non-Commercial Terms of Use

Most of the resources and assets on this site are free to use in non-commercial Smile Game Builder projects only under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC).

This means that you can use and distribute them freely in your non-commercial projects.

A small credit to either "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" is required somewhere in the project.

Commercial Terms of Use

If you intend to use the assets and resources on this site in commercial projects, then the Commercial Terms of Use applies.

A donation – any amount but with a minimum $3 – is required to use them in commercial projects. You can use the Donation button in the sidebar and change the purpose to something like "Commercial Use of SGB Assets". This applies to each resource you use for commercial purposes.

Please provide a link to the project or game you’re using the resources in so that I can attach it to the corresponding resources.

Again, a small credit to either "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" is required somewhere in the project.

Copyrights & Additional Terms of Use

I retain all "creative" copyrights to the resources on this site, so you can’t claim that you created them.

As a general rule, my resources cannot be distributed or re-purposed without my permission, except for use in your projects, subject to the relevant Terms of Use.

Aside from that, the assets and resources can be used in any Smile Game Builder project if you can use any or all of them.

  • You must credit Companion Wulf or RPG Maker Times when using these assets.
  • A link to either this page or the Smile Game Builder Athanaeum (http://smilegamebuilder.rpgmakertimes.info) is appreciated, though not necessary as long as the proper credit (above) is given.
  • The assets (terrains) in this pack can be used for non-commercial projects and for commercial projects for a nominal donation.
  • You cannot freely distribute or resell this asset pack.
  • You may not reuse or repurpose any of the textures contained in this asset pack, but you may modify them for your projects.
  • You may not use these assets in other engines; they’re designed for SMILE GAME BUILDER only.

Payment Notes

All assets packs are available on the Gnome Treasure Store and Itch.io.

The price at Itch.io offsets deductions from Revenue Sharing and PayPal fees and, including commercial use, are subject to the appropriate Terms & Conditions on the Gnome Treasure Store.

Payment receipts through PayPal will show as RPG Maker Times.


The package is sold "as is" but, after purchase, I cannot offer refunds if purchased on Itch.io.