The Explorer’s Guild – SMILE GAME BUILDER Tutorials Series

Tutorials Extra: The Explorer's Guild - SMILE GAME BUILDER New Series

Welcome to The Explorer’s Guild

The Explorer’s Guild is a new series of tutorials for SMILE GAME BUILDER.

Throughout the series, we’ll create a system to include:

  • Guild Ranks
  • Jobs
  • Recruitment
  • Crafting
  • Battles
  • Skills
  • House Building
  • Bounty Hunting

And much more!

Eventually, it’ll be a complete, comprehensive and unique system for your games.

Tutorial Schedule

Tutorials in the series are scheduled for a weekly release, with each one following directly on from the previous one. The series is available on:

SubscribeStar Patrons

Monthly $10+ Tier patrons on my SubscribeStar will be able to watch the videos a week earlier than their public release dates.

In addition, any models I create for the series will be freely available for download.

Author: Companion Wulf

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