When Is Smile Game Builder’s Next Update?

When Is Smile Game Builder’s Next Update?

The last SGB update on Steam was announced on June 21, 2018 (at the time of this post), which becomes a cause for concern for many of its users. However, SmileBoom has been working feverishly on updating Smile Game Builder; they just haven’t announced it.

When Is the Next Update?

In fact, the commonest question right now is "When is the next update?".

An update IS on its way! For now, however, the next imminent update will fix some minor issues but it won’t comprise any new features yet. These will come as soon as SmileBoom is ready, but for now they are making absolutely sure that all of their updates for the "big one" are working as they should and that when it IS implemented everything will function error and bug free.

I share everyone’s frustration regarding the lack of updates, but patience must be the virtue here. SmileBoom has consistently proven that they climb on top of any bugs that may arise in Smile Game Builder and, most importantly, they listen to people’s feedback and suggestions.

Developmental Demands

Smile Game Builder’s development team is small, so time and resources are often limited to fulfil demands and update new features. Regardless, they work hard on updating their engine to make it competitive enough to stand apart from the others.

I’d like to quote something from Mr Karate (mrkarate1983) in the SGB Discord:

SmileBoom is a company that has been fully dedicated for years to provide tools in the field of play programming.

They, like any company, have different teams that are responsible for developing the various projects in progress. This is subject to a strict budget and the capacity of the human team that is dedicated to it.

The larger the budget, the more developers will work on a project. In the same way that a lower budget, less number of developers will be assigned to it.

Some of you are aware of this. Managing resources and working with what you have on hand is very important in software development.

Although SGB is relatively a young program in comparison with the other competitors, we can see that it has a series of functions -and potential- that do not envy the competition at all.

Programs like GODOT, Unity, Unreal, GameMaker Studio, Scirra’s Construct 2 & 3, and many other video game development programs have a long history of work and development in the market.

They were not products that from the first day were free of failures, bugs or errors – and even today they still have problems and constant fixes.

That is the reality when working with software programs. It is part of the development, improvement and polishing cycle of a product.

Those who have been with SGB since the first day understand how it has improved and advanced throughout these years. It has its virtues, advantages and disadvantages, but at no point is a program that does not fulfill its purpose.

On the contrary, it is probably the easiest to use RPG game editor in the current market and with an incredible potential for those who are willing to take advantage of their potential.

And that is thanks to the honesty, integrity and effort of the small development team that is behind it.

I understand the inconvenience about a lack of updates or bug fixes, taking into account that they can frustrate your current projects, however that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a future update of course! I remember that it took 4-5 months back on 2016 for an update to be live. You need to understand that some things just take time. You can’t rush it.

But also if a tool does not meet your needs, you have complete freedom to explore other possibilities.

This is so true that some of us have had the opportunity to get to know different game engines and apply different programming languages ​​in order to find what most facilitates our work and the fulfillment of our goals.

I think this encapsulates the developmental process and prospect concisely.

Ending on A High

Be patient and have faith that the update – even if it’s been deferred for awhile – is on its way, with a number of new and useful features.

We should not lose faith and trust in a development team that has worked hard over these years to provide us with a low-cost program – and easy access for both beginners as for advanced users, that allows us to develop video games in a pleasant and simple way.

As soon as this update is ready, I will announce it across my social media accounts and upload a showcase video to the Smile Game Builder Tutorials and Showcases Playlist.

Author: Companion Wulf

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